San Antonio is the number one tourist destination in the state of Texas. With it’s historic and hospitable downtown, expansion of it’s world acclaimed River Walk to the northern Museum Reach and southern Mission Reach and other city-wide linear park expansions, it only stands to claim ever more fame.

What is not as common of knowledge is that the city also stands at the threshold of a major economic boom in the form of sustainable energy technology and manufacturing jobs spreading to different segments of the city.

San Antonio is positioning itself to be at the forefront of  the new energy economy with it’s Mission Verde Center (Green Mission), a multi-purpose complex that integrates education, training, research and technology demonstration. The promise of the center is to reinforce economic development and sustainability efforts focused on increasing the implementation of renewable energy applications and conservation efforts.

Recently, San Antonio’s City owned electric utility, CPS Energy, announced partnerships with five clean technology businesses bringing jobs and investments to the city. Mayor Julian Castro expounded on the city’s plans to become a hub for energy development, “San Antonio has the opportunity to seize a mantle that no city in the U.S. holds today: to be the recognized leader in clean energy technology, by building a critical mass around research and development that will grow and attract the brainpower of the 21st Century, San Antonio can be for the New Energy Economy what Silicon Valley is to software and what Boston is to biotech.”

These areas and other strong growth in it’s historic aerospace and military, ever growing biosciences and healthcare, cutting edge information and security technology and automotive manufacturing industries are all in San Antonio’s present and growing future.

From its humble beginnings as a Native American village to becoming the seventh largest city in the United States, San Antonio has faced and overcome many obstacles. With all the present activity combined with its excellent history, San Antonio continues to have a very bright future and welcomes you to come explore our many crossroads of cultures and points of interests.

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