Downtown San Antonio

Information featuring downtown San Antonio:

In an effort to revitalize downtown San Antonio, the City's Center City Development Office is asking residents and tourists to identify opportunities that will help make the heart of the City a great place. Ideas and comments on the best and most opportunistic downtown spots can be taken online at

WATCH THE REPLAY: This public meeting held July 19, 2011, was set to form the Downtown Strategic Framework Plan. It is one of a series of public meetings designed to receive the public's input into change they would like to see around the San Antonio area. It included downtown residents, business owners and others interested in the future of downtown San Antonio. The event went from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and hosted by Centro Partnership, a public/private nonprofit focused on improving the downtown area. It was held at La Villita's Assembly Building located at 401 Villita at North Presa Street and was streamed live by NOWCastSA and reported on by Joe Ruiz, Engagement Editor. (It's recommended to fast forward to about the 9 minute mark of the video.)

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